Sabre Motor Yachts’ launch pad

Sabre Motor Yachts’ launch pad
As part of Sabre Motor Yachts’ innovative ‘Launch Pad’ campaign, customers who place an order for any model in the Sabre range will also receive an iPad 2.
The Launch Pad comes preloaded with a massive range of data pertaining to the boat – from the day it was ordered right through to delivery to the owner. Such information includes everything from Cummins engine or Zeus pod owners manuals to guidebooks for all navigational electronics (as installed) to spare parts and component lists for every onboard item from light globes to batteries.
The actual documents live ‘in the cloud’, so they can be updated as required, with access from the Launch Pad via a preloaded application called GoodReader.
E Marine Australia’s Jed Elderkin said the Launch Pad would also be preloaded with an extensive range of marine-related applications from weather to tides and available marinas.
“Sabre’s Launch Pad essentially does away with the large number of hardcopy manuals that are associated with each onboard system and piece of equipment,” Mr Elderkin said.
“Sabre’s after sales service department will also be on hand with an email communication tool that will allow owners to send a service request to either or both Sabre and Emarine Australia to report a problem.
“We can then respond with a solution to the issue and get it sorted quickly, at the same time creating a digital service log that’s accessible via the Launch Pad so it can be referred to if required again.”
Sabre owners will also be able to upload documents to their boat files when each service is completed to keep track of service intervals and service requirements.
“The future of this technology is unlimited, as additional services will be added as they develop throughout the ownership of the vessel,” Mr Elderkin said.
“For example, today there are applications available for the operation of specific audio equipment and TVs, and this will continue to expand.”
To check-out the Sabre range, visit or drop by E Marine Australia’s exhibit at the upcoming Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show and Sydney International Boat Show.